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Enhanced Comfort … Active Treatment … CHOICES!!

AIM Home Health in LouisianaThe AIM Team allows for the best of both worlds; curative and life-extending treatments with the comfort, peace and dignity of palliative care.

Some patients are not ready to abandon active treatment even in late stage illness. To help care for those patients, the Advance Illness Management (AIM) Program was developed to provide home-health based palliative care for patients with advanced chronic illness. AIM Palliative Home Health increases the quality of life for the patient and their family.

Administered by STAT Home Health through a partnership with St. Joseph Hospice, AIM is a non-hospice care alternative that is available to patients who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness such as cancer, congestive heart failure and/or renal disease. Care is provided by hospice-trained nurses, certified nursing assistants, social workers and chaplains. The team provides education and time for patients and families to set goals for treatment, while working to make every day a good day for the patient.

Patients receiving curative treatment and aggressive therapies such as chemotherapy, radiation and dialysis do not qualify for services provided by hospice care. AIM can offer these patients, and their family members, help with pain and symptom management, social services support, and the emotional and spiritual support needed during such a stressful time.

The AIM Team allows for the best of both worlds; curative and life-extending treatments with the comfort, peace and dignity of palliative care.

Important words for those faced with a terminal illness …

  • TIME: The patient and their family need time to research options associated with their advanced disease.
  • DECISIONS: Important decisions should be made at the patient’s pace … when and where they want. Do they wish to continue to seek a cure? Is it time to focus their goals towards quality of life? Do they wish to seek comfort care?
  • COMFORT: The patient can remain in their home with their family. They can access comfort services 24/7 and seek aggressive life extending therapies. Our job is to make them comfortable … physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • CURE: Since AIM utilizes the home health model, efforts at life extension are compatible with comfort care.
  • DIGNITY: The patient should never lose their dignity and their family should have the support they need. Care is performed by our staff so the patient and their family can enjoy time together … at home.
  • CONTROL: The patient may want to continue life extending therapy and palliative care. AIM puts them in control.
  • PEACE: Confidence in the level of care and comfort provided by our staff can give the patient and their family peace of mind.
  • SOLUTION: AIM will help the patient and their family by providing the support they need.